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Wales Rugby Debentures For Sale -

Debenture Seats in Excellent Locations with Debenture Rights up to 2035 / 2050 

2022 6 Nations, 2023 6 Nations, 2024 6 Nations, 2025 6 Nations, 2026 6 Nations,   2027 6 Nations onwards . .  

Autumn Series 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 onwards . .

Wales v England, Wales v Ireland, Wales v Scotland, Wales v France, Wales v Italy, Wales v New Zealand, Wales v Australia, Wales v South Africa

If you are looking for Six Nations or Autumn Rugby Tickets, Now is a great time to consider buying our Wales Rugby Debentures for Sale.

We have many different Debenture options available 

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Current Debenture Seats Available in L8, L9, M7, M8, M9, M15, U5, U8, U9, U11,   U30 and many other excellent Debenture Reserved Cat A / B Locations .

Single Seats, Pairs, Row of 4 , 6, 7,  8 

Also up to 14 Seats Together  . . .

About our Wales Rugby Debentures for Sale

We currently have excellent Wales Rugby Debentures for sale for the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

The Rugby Debentures that we have for sale are available for Corporate or Personal use.

These Wales Rugby Debenture seats are in excellent Middle Tier locations, close to the halfway line and hospitality, with entrance via the main Gate 3 of the Millenium Stadium giving you a guarantee of being right in the heart of the action.

Face Value Welsh Rugby Tickets & Other Priority Events Tickets Available to Wales Rugby Debenture Holders  . . .

Wales Rugby Debenture holders enjoy full face value ticket rights to the 6 Nations tournament, Autumn Internationals, all Wales home International matches and all WRU sanctioned events at the Millenium stadium such as concerts and events.

Current Wales Rugby Debentures for Sale

Our members currently have the following Wales Rugby Debentures for Sale: 

Row of 8 seats, Row of 7/6 seats, Row of 4 seats, Excellent Pairs and Singles.

Wales Rugby Debentures are available to purchase .

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* Please NOTE - Debenture seats are available for sale 

These Debentures will be given to new owner with Face Value 6 nations tickets 

* Rugby tickets will not be offered for greater than face value . * 

We DO NOT Sell Tickets.

Current Availability Below -  Please email us for the latest seats as subject to change 

L8                Single on Half Way Line
L9                * Pair -on Half Way Line Lower Tier .  Best seats 

M4                Pair

M15             Row of 6 (Players tunnel side Try Line)

M19              Pair

U5                U5     Row of 7    (Try Line)

U5                 U5    Row of 8    (Try Line)

U5                 Row of 7      (Try Line)

U6                 Row of 4    (22 Line)

U7                  Row of 5     (22 / Half Way) 

U7                  Pair U7

U8                  Row of 3 (Half Way Line)
U8                  Pair (Half Way Line) 

U9                  Single  (Half Way Line)
U9                   Pair Halfway Line    

U10                  Pair 
U11                  Pair

U11                   Pair

U11                   Pair
U11                   Pair
U17                    Row of 4 

U31                    Pair         
U32                     Row of 3    (22' line on riverside) Near Commentary boxes